Thursday, December 3, 2009

something special for the ladies

Seems that the majority of my readers are female. They like Twilight. They like Cats. They like Lols. But sometimes the ladies just want to let loose, give in to temptation, and enjoy some hot duedes. Well I am here to deliver.

Without further ado, pictures of sexy sexy gentlemen...

Although, you might wonder why I have all these pictures in the first place. I am all man, my Mortal Kombat skills notwithstanding, so why do I have a collection of beefcake pictures?

Because I know what you want, fine ladies of blogland. If there's one thing I can do, it's please a lady.


Okay seriously, without further further ado, it's manwich time.

'cause you see ladies, you like a guy that may be phenomenally smooth and handsome, but is still hopelessly devoted to you.

You like a guy that puts your needs first.

You like a fella that'll give 110%, all the time.

Or maybe a guy that's not afraid to get in touch with his feminine side.

How about a dude that's so in touch with his feminine side that you can't even tell which side is which?

You want an hombre that will wow you, razzle dazzle you.

You like a man with a confident sneer.

A man that knows how to relax comfortably.

You DON'T like Lou Ferrigno when he's angry.

But you do like Karl Malone when he's oily.

An accent drives you wild.

Even when it's the same accent as your own (don't think I've forgotten about you, my Australian....uh, Sheilas?)

Sometimes all it takes is a tan and a smile.

Nothing beats a full head of hair.

Or a full neck of hair.

But the sophisticated gals that read this blog know that bald is beautiful too.

But sometimes you want a man with hair that will stay in place no matter what.

You like dudes that know how to party.

It's true, sometimes you fall for the bad boy.

Sometimes you fall for the really bad boys.

Or the really really bad boys.

But not all nice guys finish last.

Lastly, I know that all you starry-eyed girls love that scene in Say Anything when John Cusack holds the boom box outside of the window. But think how much better that scene would have been if instead of a boom box, he was singing to her directly? And what if instead of John Cusack, it was some shirtless guy? Now that is great cinema.

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  1. thank you, really.

  2. Wow. And here I thought my husband was hot!

  3. WHAT!?! No Taylor Lautner??

  4. A whole neck of hair!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAAH!!!!

  5. you sure do know women well!! :D

  6. oh i love a good piccy of william zabka